Rules and Links

These rules are also posted at the spawn point in the capitol city of the server, but we are posting them here as well. Beside each rule, we will write the amount of time that will be spent in the jail for breaking each rule. SC means solitary confinement. 

1. Respect other players - [30 minutes]

2. Do not swear - [1 hour]

3. Ask a moderator for teleportation help - [no jail time possible]

4. Don't ask another player for private information - [1 hour]

5. Please refrain from being racist - [1 hour]

6. Don't whine - [15 minutes]

7. Don't spam - [1 hour]

Any questions or comments, please post on here or email norman (at)

If you want to chat with players while in game, check out ChatCraft for Android. Have not found one for iOS yet.
A good place for help it the Minecraft Wiki:

If you need to purchase Minecraft, goto and purchase yours today!

We primarily use Skype for gaming and to get to know each other, but we all have a discord group:
Discord Group here: