A Family Oriented Server for All Ages!!!

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Hello, and welcome to the Picard's Minecraft website!

This is a family friendly server, all ages are welcomed!

This server is a white-list server only!

If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please email mc-admin (at)

You will receive an email once you have been accepted.

Please include your Real Name, Minecraft ID, Skype ID, and Birthdate.

If you don'e have Minecraft, goto and purchase it today!

We were a 25 slot Minecraft Server. Server is hosted by MC Pro Hosting.

We also now have a live view of the world. Live Map

The server information is:

Name: Normanotics


Minecraft Ver: 1.13

Server reset on July 23, 2018

Join our Discord Group:

If you are a member, be sure to click on each banner and vote for the server to receive your daily prize.

If you wish to help pay for the server please email mc-admin (at),

please include your minecraft ID.

Donation are done through PayPal and are securely handled.

Sponsored by Picard Family