Rules and Links

These rules are strictly enforced. Beside each rule, we will write the amount of time that will be spent in the jail for breaking each rule. SC means solitary confinement.

1. Respect other players - [30 minutes]

2. Do not swear - [1 hour]

3. Ask a moderator for teleportation help - [no jail time possible]

4. Don't ask another player for private information - [1 hour]

5. Please refrain from being racist - [1 hour]

6. Don't whine - [15 minutes]

7. Don't spam - [1 hour]

Any questions or comments, please email mc-admin (at)

Here is a link to a youtube play list that will help each of us. There is something for everyone.

Hope you all get something out of this.

Thank you to one of our OPs for sharing this.

Here are the plugin that we use: some are temporarily not working due to updating to new server.

Dynmap Dynamic web-based maps of your Bukkit/Spigot server

Dynmap-Mobs Add real-time display of mobs to Dynmap maps

Dynmap-Structures Dynmap-Structures

FirstJoinPlus A simple and easy to configure plugin that lets you announce to the server when a new player joins for the very first time.

Grief Prevention Grief Prevention

Timber Destroy lots of wood by breaking one

Votifier Votifier